Hunting tourism

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The Djerdap National Park area is concurrently the Djerdap Hunting Area owned by the PE Djerdap NP Donji Milanovac, as the management of the protected area.

This open hunting area characterised by the abundance and versatility of hunting fauna and trophy quality, covers parts of the mountains ”Severni Kučaj”, ”Miroč” and ”Štrbac” gravitating towards the Danube, and along the river itself in the length of approximately 100 km. There are deer, roe game, wild boar, rabbit, but also coming across a wolf, jackal or fox is not a rarity.  Abundance and diversity of hunting fauna, trophy quality and characteristically authentic behaviour of game ensure unforgettable sport ting and hunting experience within the exceptionally preserved natural hunting area of ”Djerdap”. Due to emphasised alertness of game caused by their entirely authentic behaviour, hunting in the Djerdap National Park provides all the elements of a true unparalleled experience, requiring from the hunter proper physical fitness, patience, as well as wide knowledge of living habits of the game.

Djerdap hunting area is adequately equipped with hunting and hunting and technical facilities: stable waiting spots, tree waiting spots, feeding spots for deer and roe game, feeding spots for wild boars, feeding spots for small game and watering places. Hunting from the waiting spots provides a complete hunting joy, whereas hunting in the open is nothing less in the thrill it ensures, which can be confirmed by a number of hunters from the country and abroad. Hunting is professionally organised at the Djerdap Hunting Area, with full respect of hunting culture and tradition in Serbia.